Star Trek Reaveals We Are Sometimes Teenagers Making Baby Steps

Well uh, Captain Sisko was a black guy. Captain Janeway was a woman. I could care less that you’re casting a black woman to be the lead in some new star trek series. I’d care more if it will have good writing and bring back a show about futurism and idealism. (Y’know, that stuff Enterprise was missing.)

But maybe getting excited about a black chick being the subject of plot focus, is neither futuristic or ideal. I understand Nichelle Nichols, who played Ohura, was going to quit until MLK personally convinced her how her role was groundbreaking, and wonder if this “omg first black woman lead!” headline floating around today (exactly 50 years) = thinking that’s actually progressive. Like how different is that really than say, watching a teenager make baby steps.

Guess what I’m saying is, I don’t remember this fanfare with Sisko at all. Nope, not one iota of “omg sisko’s black!” I remember more focus on his awesome voice, comparing that to patrick stewart’s, and wondering how DS9 compared to TNG. Same with Janeway. I still think just trying to write a good sci-fi show around the talents of that lead =more progressive than trying to hype everyone up about the fact that nowadays, someone like Michelle Obama could be cast as a starfleet captain if they can act. Like it’s 2016. No shit they can.

Guess what I’m saying is, Star Trek’s always a series about green chicks and cultural ideals between aliens. It’s started from a series where where Ohura and Kirk can make out because they’re supposed to be from a universe where they’re past that crap. This means I’m of the opinion that real trekkies ideally would care less about the lead’s race of gender, as much as hoping its writing won’t make Gene Roddenberry want to go “meh I’ve done better” from beyond.

Since ’91, that’s always how it should have been.


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