Sometimes I feel Korny

Bit tired some more


playing pokemon moon a lot.  My luck of the cell ran out and PoGo also became way, way less interesting after catching them all.  It’s not a thrill people.  PvP in itself is interesting though. Just not for the game.  The actual DS’s.

There’s a lot to be said for enjoying 90% of a weekend horizontal right now.  I don’t lurv going out.

Having to deal with some ratchet living issues is making me take action.   I’m not the type to sit idly, or politely folks. Never, ever, ever, ever let it be said that I am not assertive and direct.  Consequential too.

Being consequential isn’t ideal tho: ideally, you’ll initiate the system.  The canned phrase is that you’ll shift the paradigm.


Ever notice my website name?  I enjoy it.

Four weeks ago I thought it was a big struggle to move things I casually lurch to and fro today.  I’ve gotten a mentality of I can probably, more than can it.  This is a nice feel that comes with physical strength.

Dont’ really have much more to say than that.  Thanks Obama.

Yo, it’s awesome music tahm.

Yes it is.


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