That Stupefying Shit


I feel like making war against stupids.

But stupids isn’t the right word.


I guess there was a time that it seemed like someone who could put someone else in a stupefied state had a certain kind of power. Let’s say you’re amazing on something like …..So You Think You Can Dance.  Chances are you’ve stunned a portion of the audience with yer movement, cause that’s what it takes.  Being able to induce a stupor in your audience seems like, maybe that’s a positive.

But today I’m all “Nah.

That aint Stupefaction.”

Let’s tease this apart: that feel you get from a good dancer is inspiration. That’s wow.   Wow is one of the parts of being stupefied.  Inspiration is not.

I’m deciding today that folks who stupefy, halt and shunt the intelligent centers of another’s being — those gears that’d turn and help to actualize another — I hate them.  They’re anti-individual.  And it’s funny because, everyone belongs to a class, everyone belongs to a race, and everyone has their own spiritual ideology, yet it’s a fanatic of one of these things who are often the biggest proponents of individual-eating.

An individual can tell that they’re encountering one such fanatic when they honestly listen, and feel stupefied.

It’s different than being shocked into halting and paying attention to an individual with sweetass moves.

When you watch those amazing dancers and are wow’d — to the point that you’re frozen and FEEL like saying you’ve been stupefied — I argue that you’re processing for your body to do the same.  Check the skaters in video above.  Chances are, your feelings are a mix of many things, one of which being putting yourself in their skates and realizing a differential in talent.

That’s not being stupefied though.  That’s realizing something.


Nope, stupefiers have a stupid-ass view of the world, and they infect others with it.

A use of intelligence around an aggressive stupefier will be halted, then have to back track.  It will have to stop all foward progress and get itself out of that stupid ditch.  Talented stupefiers, they will put mud on the tires of your metaphorical brain-car and it takes a certain kind of prepared intelligence to put mental kitty litters to get yourself out.

Perfect example: Almost anytime Trump runs on blowhard.

I have a buddy who made a wonderful point about how Pride month is less about bumming dudes, as much as respecting / not disrespecting another’s individuality.
That’s really the point here too.


That thar is the point to me, always.  We need to remember that we’re a society of individuals. I think the greatest sin a human can have is precluding the individuality of another which was not actually harmful or bad, and actually would have lead to enjoyment.  It’s like, a basic definition of Good and Evil.  And I like that, because it’s simple, but applies deeply.  The opposite of good is not a black dressed “I AM ARCH, HA! HA! HA!”  Like, that’s really rare, and few people who’re guilty of repetitive evils actually think they’re evil.  Lots of people who commit grave sins are super self-justified (dangerous game there) and too stupid to see what they’re actually doing.

The opposite of good = the opposite of the heartedness that would facilitate a better humanity.

So let’s walk away from this point of individuality, to the other side.  What do these blackhearted, unhappy evil fucks out there see people as, if not individuals?

I start to think: Havers.

I’m believing these tools see people as havers.

“He has a job with X prestige and probably X salary.  He has a relationship with X chance for bearing children, because having X children gives you X points on your death’s score card.  He has X property.  He has X vacation.  He has X personality traits which he used to obtain the power he has in X domains of his existence.”

This must be how I come across to people who are satisfied with these inferred answers after hearing things like “Oh he works in finance and his prospects appear to be ____” and walk away.


Fucking koont. Sucked into the dark side and I doubt they know it.

They have an impact of only wanting to hear scores, and they suck at parties.  I think they’re pretty much the main reason I don’t want to go to your party — cause I’m not certain you won’t have people out there like that.

I want it to be common sense that there are people with BA’s out there who have contributed to their field more than advanced degrees. I understand the point of an advanced degree is to help parse out the greater contributors, and help CLEARLY demarcate who’s supposed to be more advanced, but the fact is not always.

Havers of an English Ph. D generally do not write the world’s most amazing fiction.  Not even close.  They study those guys who got a BA — if that — all the time though. There’re Ph.D’s who got their research ideas from a BA thinking from left field. There’re great programmers who barely completed formal college, and your doctor’s organization is based on their App.

I want people to use this common sense to take an interest in the actual work of an individual, or to touch instead on other things they’re actually interested in with other individuals.

Some people think that’s an amazing way to relate.

Havers of individuality make and push the world. I’m afraid even I have family who doesn’t know how to register that.  I’m guessing that’s the case most of the time. And even believing that, I want to kick and scream at it as a first reflex, and then I have to practice indifference.

Look at my indifference.
I don’t care about your indifference.
(I guess it’s a shame that your indifference means you are not one of the people who should be reading about my indifference.)
This entry is fun.


But yeah,

Old White America seems like it used to keep life days as points on a scorecard, to see if God will accept your existence at the end and reward you by putting you in a place where you’re on Molly all the time, and some of those people you liked in life may or may not be there.  Why is this such a huge facet of human nature – being ruled by the idea of having these points?

There are obviously other options some of us choose to embrace.

I’ve been playing with the ideas of warm-heartedness, compassion, antagonization and indifference.  These are all emotions that can be actively put up but take energy.  And if they don’t harmonize with one’s internal state, it leads to all sorts of psychological dynamics I still wanna put into paradigms.  I don’t have ’em concretely enough to say ’em here.  But I know these things are all possible answers to those who aggressively see against the way I think I see life. Stupefiers.  Idiots.

Because I really do want to make war with the idiots who say things that stupefy.  People who aren’t dicks, but assholes, and attack others with their terrible ideas in a terrible presentation.

Let me give an example.  Donald Trump will stupefy an opposer by making a bombardment of accusations that often involve proving a negative if you’re to answer with dignity: an impossible feat.

It’s like telling someone they’re just a nobody who doesn’t matter.  (One of our Presidents canned go-to’s.)  This is rhetoric stupefiers will use, because it’s an active disrespect of another’s individuality.  It stupefies that individuality, because what? A person is possibly going to go “WUT, WUT, BUT I AM ____ AND I HAVE ____ AND I MATTER BECAUSE ____.”

No, the smartest individual, in my opinion, will answer calmly and with a compassion for their accusers inability to not be so shortsighed and shrewdly stupifying; OR, they will respond with indifference.

(For the record I’ve only been called a nobody to my face once over the last decade, and it’s by someone I don’t care about.  This isn’t a personal direct response to anything, this is just an Eric playing out this rhetoric.)

I suspect a non-stupifier talking to a supposed “nobody” that they’d respect if they were somebody is more likely to say something like: “You could have done more if ______, no?”

It’s just a way of encouraging growth without using a negative.  You can talk encouragingly to ANYBODY that would stupefy, but inspire more thinking in a way they didn’t consider previously.  That’s why I’d rather call the silly video above inspiring, provocative (pro-vocative: fun-word is fun) — and NOT stupefying.

I think the thing that makes me saddest about America is how many of parents, headlines, goals, and ways of keeping score are stupefying. The worst off American is the one who doesn’t realize that no matter, NO MATTER how great they’ve lived their life, there’s always going to be a stupefier out there who, given the chance, will try and tear them apart with stupefying logic that’ll make them hold less faith, less belief, and less pride in their individual value and accomplishments.

I’ve gotten very lucky to have come from one of the households that I do cause it makes something like this seem more obvious than I believe it is.  I’d like to lend this to the world and give it back, cause I think it’s the only way humans will actually evolve.  We’re not ready for things like….Star Trek ideals because of stupefiers. We need to start seeing the light, and that black-hole goals which are NOT individual goals, is actually bad bullshit.


One thought on “That Stupefying Shit

  1. what terrifies me most is how we
    foam at the mouth with envy
    when others succeed
    but sign in relief
    when they are failing

    our struggle to celebrate each other is
    what’s proven most difficult
    in being human

    -rupi kaur

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