I am pursuing my dream every day.

I may not catch it. That should be ok.

I had the potential to try, and do.

It’s funny, the disparity between feeling indifferent and acting that way sometimes.

It’s funny how saying little to nothing is typically the perfect amount.

I’m finding it’s harder and harder to pay attention to action movies. I’m finding it’s harder to care, or follow a line when my brain is searching for relevance. I’m finding that more and more, people analyze things in a moral vacuum, and forsake differing individuality. I’m finding a lot of folks have a sense of ego that filters their world, and that while they use it to tool out what to pay attention to, it often tools them.

These aren’t criticisms anymore. I’ve learned to watch and go back to Jaidree and then we share there. I think I’m giving up a bit on trying to further outside causes. There are still things that are precious. Looking out for one’s interests is where it’s at. What one’s interested in may be something else.

I’m middle aged now. There’re trees in the northeast which change their leaves seasonally, but otherwise seem unchanging. All changes in a sapling are way more dramatic.

I’ve reckoned so many self-images folks have that end the end, seem like echoes of nothing. What counts is action.

So I try to accomplish. I do.

It’s better than nothing. Definitely better than an echo.


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