On another note

I have a hard time believing there are genuine white nationalists in America. I even looked up white nationalism on wikipedia to make sure it meant what I thought it meant. In the end, I don’t think white nationalism means what white supremacists think it means. You can not possibly be an American patriot, and an American white nationalist at the same time. That would be like saying you’re an exclusive blood drinking vegetarian. You see, this logic is because the citizenry of America has NEVER been pure white. Ever.
Further, the racist white people who helped America begin would LAUGH at the idea that all white people were created equal, too. Like, what a sorry, delusional piece of shit you must be if you’ve forgotten this obvious part of history. Old redcoats would never acknowledge a “Dey dook er jerb” white nationalist as part of their white national brotherhood, even if their teeth are just as bad.
The problem is, if you’re dumb enough to eagerly slap this label on yourself, you’re probably too dumb to look something up on wikipedia.

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