Where my head is

The whole reason I saw my first book published was to investigate if people were reading. I wanted Disjuncture to be “my book” even if I had other books, but it needed work and wanted to learn.

I really wanted to learn if and how much people are reading.

I got the idea from Neil Gaiman.  I took Jaidree to BAM to see him talk with David Handler, and he said it there again: put yourself out there early, because you’ll get feedback and it will prove people are reading.

Except, times are different than when Gaiman got his start.

Come on, it’s common cynical knowledge that Americans are reading facebook and shitty netflix blurbs far more than books.  From my small-time small book experience, I did not get the honest impression that we have many readers out there.  Self-publishing has created a very much flooded market.

(Which of course won’t stop me.)

But reaching out, and touching base to find actual GREAT fiction pro wanting to give the biggest ms yet a good read…..

Man, what a driver.

I don’t have anything more to say than I’m going to keep on keeping on.  But I stayed up all night just reading because now I know there’s someone – people out there – who’ll see its head on the chopping block, and wondering if and where that ax will slip.

There’s someone out there reading with a yes in the brain.  I believe they have the power to open the doors harder.

So in the end, Mr. Gaiman was correct.  You DEFINITELY need to put yourself out there if that knowledge, that feedback, or even that naked idea drives you, as it drives me.  But you don’t want to do it into the void.  Don’t do it on a blog that you keep mostly hidden called Ericisthebest, unless it’s just your play-zone.

Do it at the right people.  Do it to yourself and when you yourself whittle down in motivation, push it and move on.

Even if I get rejected, even if it’s for good reason (if I get rejected – I sure hope it’s for a good reason) man, it’s always really nice to be read seriously by a real serious reader. It’s beyond sharing, and quite an honor.


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