I’m #1! I’m #1!



real reason to post


I like thinking about which virtue is the best for no good reason,

and after rereading some old stuff, reading new stuff, and thinking about what I know is happening

you know what I decided?


Courage is the best one.

I agree with Maya Angelou.  This isn’t even my idea.

Courage gives the capacity to be consistent, no matter the circumstance.

It implies that there are times there are drawbacks to doing what you believe you should

Most stories would imply that there’s a reward for that.  It’s not correct.

Courage though?

Heck, one of my favorite phrases is “The courage of [their] convictions”

so yeah.

Courage. Not altruism. Not lame-ass pacifism. Not rationality or decisiveness even.

It’s courage.

It’s valuable because, it’s what makes way for other virtues.

Without courage, the formula weighing every other value is still 0.


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