It’s “Let’s move things forward” day.


I’ve queried more agents, and also started applying back to finance gigs, because that’s a way, way faster path to not failing as a bread-haver.


Cleaned house.

Resume updated.   Smartly.


These people in this country, who think it’s good to just “have a job” are still silly.  Like, you can be 30 and work in a pizza shop, and that’s not something I’d ever poop on, but what I’m saying is, a good resume, I’m pretty sure, doesn’t list that, unless you’re applying to pizza shops.   And I’m confident my resume is strong.


I won’t say more than that, except that I’m really, really, really honored that 3 guys, the second I reached out over LinkedIn and mentioned that I’m looking to get back into compliance, gave me referrals.  I feel like they liked me, or something.



Traditional publishing is still something that moves at glacial speed.   That sucks when you hoped your ideas would grow at plant speed.


I’m still adjusting to how much is going to change in the next few weeks……about how much already has changed.  But that’s ok.  I feel like that’s time, and the world.


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