I have a sudden short temper and hatred for assholes

and mediocrity.





These were my words at Grandma’s funeral.  They’re better spoken than written, in that I didn’t read the typos, and replaced things like “sucks” with “tough”

I still mean it all.    (Even if Granny taught me more through board games.)   Might post a digital upload of the slideshow movie I made later, and that’s going to be it for grandma tributes here.   Yes I know the death of a loved one is always morbid.

No, I’m not doing badly, but I’m not doing well, either.


“How are you?”


No one says that.


________________My last words over grandma___________________

I know so many people know her as Dolly, Benjamina,

But my father’s branch knows her as Mumsy, and that worked just fine


To realize there’re no more grandparents in your life…..it really sucks.

This really really sucks.

This is hard and I need to write this down,

A grandparent like mumsy.

She was special in so many ways, and I’m gonna miss her….she’s gonna be missed.

I know that goes way beyond just some people.  Mumsy had a wide-ranging impact that I’m not even sure she knew, but she definitely, 100% tried to realize.
As so many here will tell you, she had a mind for that


This’s  just another thing that made her special.

I know I don’t even need to say it, but it needs to be said

Mumsy raised such strong family.  Mumsy contributed to such a strong family.  Mumsy contributed to even more than that.

Mumsy was another woman who taught me values. Sorry if I’m making this too personal, but even when I was a young silly dumb sprout, and tried to be a brat, the way she said “no” and “you can do better” was special.

And there’s more, and I don’t wanna get too deeply into this, but, I it’s not hard to see how Mumsy worked to teach ideal humanity. To her family, and more.

Going through the pictures for the slideshow show, and going through people’s words, I’ve realized that life to my grandmother was about way, way, way more than her.  It made her special.

It’s become clear to me that mumsy thought about people.

And that’s another reason I think Mumsy was another one of those, a good person.

This is hard.

But I know many things.

And as my silly slideshow says, mumsy was loved, and she more than earned it.


My grandmother was one of those people who embraced her values, head on, head strong,

And as a grandson, it’s less that I know she was beautiful, and lovely;

I know that she was loving

I don’t mean this in any negative way: she proved you can be hard, and hopeful against hope, because of having a big heart.

I like that she was another woman who taught me that. I’m never gonna forget her memory just for that.

It’s really hard to say goodbye to a woman and a person like my grandmother.

And I just want to say she was a really, really great grandmother.

I’m afraid some of my first memories of this grandma was when I’d fake sick from school and knew I’d be with her and at her house, and we’d do stuff like play checkers, and while she knew my weak game, she’d teach me other important things in between rounds.

And I know that’s special.

Sometimes my grandmother, mumsy, expected a lot, and it’s because she gave, and meant a lot.

I know she was hopeful, beyond idealistic, wonderful, wonderful woman.

I will never stop loving her memory.

For me, it’s more than she was generous as heck

It’s just part of who she was, that caring, having a standard, having a give a darn, having a loving side that could be fortified by a “We need to” good value side.

And I just want to say I know that everyone who does good

Hey, she’d love that, and she’d always take joy in the good, decent, and more than decent things.

That made her really special in so many ways.

So I wanna say: all the good people who live well, and are good

I firmly believe, and I know it in my blood that she’d love that.

I really hope we all keep on a part of a memory of her by living our lives well

I’m gonna celebrate her forever, no matter what, cause I know I was blessed with one heck of a special grandma.

I can’t tell you how hard it is to say goodbye.

My grandma spread love, she created love, she made loving dynamics by her existence

And I hope everyone else does, too.

I think that’ll honor her, and I know she’d love that.


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