I just made (blue)fish head soup.



I was feeling experimental, and J and I hit the fish market yesterday (I love that place, you can buy a whole fish, and they’ve got a worker who will gut and clean and slice is up for you, and his hands move like a blur — he earns his tip, every time)


and, the head was left over, again.


I hate wasting animals.  And I knew before today, that there was a such thing as “fish head soup/stew” but

I didn’t know it was also Jamaican.  I thought it’d be an Indian thing, or a chinese thing, or whatever….cause I see them selling fish heads in chinatown all the time (fun fact: salmon fish heads are damn cheap, and still meaty, and good for cat owners)



Anyway, I started off by frying said head of the fishy.  Olive oil, salt, lil brazing water, throw it in a wok, cover, and bam


I went to pick herbs

Then I stripped the meat, even though I read the ENTIRE head is edible.   I included the eyeball, because it ends in ball, and you are what you eat, and there are two of them.

I am balls


Then kale, diced squash, fresh parsley, fresh basil, cherry tomatoes, fresh sage, tumeric, thyme, papricka, salt, peppah watah, HEAD OF THE BLUE FEESH, 3 chicken bones in the water to make it more brothy, garlic, yellow cherry tomatoes for garnishes and flavor pops….took 10 whole minutes.


Put it over yesterday’s rice n beans.  (btw, I GREW AND SHOOK THE BEANZ MAHSELF!)
And at first it was just “hey not bad”

then I added the correct amount of salt



I originally made this cause I didn’t want to waste food, and I figured before J gets home I could make a thing that was beyond her comfort zone

but now I find myself saving her some.


I love experimental cooking that isn’t fail.



PS:eyeballs aren’t the worst, but they kind of absorb lots of salt and aren’t the best either.




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