I’m just gonna point out that practice tests are fantastic, I’ve become convinced that they sort of trick your brain into finding information relevant.



Trials do that.  In a good way.   I’m afraid too many folks out there test themselves out on social media — test their relevance, test their impact, test their popularity or what have you — vs testing themselves to a book, to see if they’ve gotten a book.


Cause for chrissakes, I’m trying to absorb what I guess is a big textbook of very dry stuff.   The material does get interesting when you know enough to laser focus when you need to, when you need to, but, there’s a lot of stuff too which’s not as interesting as the remainder of said material.  (And I say that because I’m the sort that hates memorizing dates, or hates memorizing stuff I know I can look up later)

….I want to say, consider how much of a prism is actually used in bending light to show a revealed color….

^but that’s probably an embellishment, and loses people, so I’m not gonna use that explanation.
I’m just saying, my attitude is, learning enough to crystalize knowledge so that information can filter through you probably means that a portion of that knowledge won’t get used….and that’s still just how some things work.



Anyway, really, practice / sample / mock tests…..pass or fail, I mean it about how they probably help trick the subconscious into finding dry things wetter.

I say, practice tests make review and information absorption much, much more of a keen activity.
If you’re studying a less conditioned interest….. try it. Then see how you feel about studying after.


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