Things are good.

Work is still picking up steam, and I’m trying to ride the rails as much as I should.

On the personal notes am very glad things are working ok enough for today’s positive storytime.  A buddy in Kentucky – you know, just a pal who let me board up with him in college when my housing situation got screwed up, taught me how to drive, and is just another guy who took in that Victor twit, well he’s doc today and sole-earner father of two. I’m pretty sure he regularly carries a huge load on his back.

He also picked up a cool blacksmithing hobby.  Like he makes scary sharp knives for funzies, so logically he’s chosen to make me a Daqtagh. hahaha

Found out today that he broke his vise in the process (don’t turn too hard, according to yewtewb you’ll start stripping the threads on the bolt that makes the squeezy squeezy possible more than tighten the grip)  and I asked him if he got a new one yet.  Then I learned that he’s waiting for a few weeks and why, and I remembered when I had to wait a few weeks for that very reason and was glad to be able to go “nah I can do this sooner no problem.”
So I ordered him a new one, and now he doesn’t have to wait.

I think I underestimate the difficulty of raising a couple of kids. I was really glad to catch up with a different former coworker who has twins AND a third, and one thing he advised was “TRAVEL NOW MAN!” because it’s so much more difficult once you’ve got a family. And even if I tend to love life at home most, my hobbies definitely involve pricier than strong metal.

Anyway a few button clicks and bim bam boom, I learned a lot more about vises such as how to spell them and ended up placing an order at menards.  Bing bam boom two.  Felt right.  This guy’s a gem and more than deserves a hobby break.
Plus I think he works too damn hard and America should do better for scientists who don’t have that “I’ve also got the streak of business asshole within me”.  I don’t have to soapbox about how important research is compared to the compensation given to researchers who won’t even question the hours, right?

Let’s see, in terms of other blah blah blah.  Ooh Juneteenth just happened so slavery is gone and that’s still cool.  Surprised to say that I did actually have definitively white people reach out to figure if it’s appropriate to say something to the effect of “Uh happy juneteenth! Do people say that?” and like…..lol…..hang on let me check in my “Juneteenth instructional” booklet handed out on Friday night meetings….

Jaidree said it really well yesterday, along the lines of “best reaction I read all day was ‘white folks probably shouldn’t keep reaching out to black folks and celebrating juneteenth as their holiday, and instead celebrate and recognize their part in growing past slavery too.”

And yep.

Again I’m one of those weirdos who feels like people being good people more than, y’know, tokens of color, is really the name of the game so all progress towards that to me is real progress.  Support that and you’re good too. Real neat and simple!

Anyway, time to go make parts of my stair-master hot enough to cook eggs byenow.



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