Suspecting and hoping things calm down.

I really hope that in a twisted way the country is more unified as a result, I think that’s actually what most people want.

I did read some people saying that we’re just repeating the same bs over and over and (no we’re not the world is very different from my father’s day, and his father’s day, etc, so no.)  all cops are murderers (uh, disagree. Unless you want to argue that all American’s are murderers. In which case, what’s the point of defining “murderer” if everyone’s a murderer? What is this nonsense.) and more where I’ve stopped thinking. There’s just a lot of charged but less sensible emotion out there.

But I’m optimistic today. Accountability should be increased, and America afterwards has a chance to act like it’s discussed and addressed a national shortcoming – I think that’s something not every first-world country can honestly say so, hey, maybe we can actually act on that.

I mean it’s either that, or we become some weird teargas wanna be hybrid of mad max/escape from ny.

Man, I’m glad the plague is over.


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