Health rant

I don’t disagree off the bat when people say “THE BODY IS SO RESILIENT!”

Although I always want to say most bodies are really resilient — depending on how you look at it.

And regardless, it’s nice when a person knows their body is resilient.

I had a period of actively trying to do little but get manuscripts turned into traditionally published novels. Maybe I’ll have another with some differences — who knows. Burns a lot of resources, that. Doing it in today’s age…takes lots of research, looking up, personally crafting….I think you can’t be an asocial author who is good at one form of writing without shooting yourself in both feet nowadays. If you want to take the modernized “traditional” route, or if you want to be marketed, you’ll need humans to open doors, and getting to a place where you can do that takes significant work and drive….not much pay out until it’s real.

(There’s a reason that the proportion of authors who come from more privileged backgrounds exists, and those reasons are crystalized in weird ways today — helps when folks can take internships, or a couple of years to develop. Not a requirement, but it sure af helps.)

Anyway, between that and dealing with some craziness around a big death in the family, I lost a lot of the discipline I carved out. I feel now that I really hit the ground running as a kid. Part of that was my muddah putting in really good food values, part was getting lucky, and part was weird stuff like…my wanting to get in better shape and skipping lunch to work in the stacks (stacks=part of the school library) and read what I read about what’s known in old readable books about health. Other weird stuff too.

And I went from living how I did to saying “eh how bad could a year of indulging and dishapwining this instead” (like learning better programming and work skills) get, really? The body is resilient. My body is resilient, raht?

Well, the above all feels true. But I think some things to consider are scope, and priorities around it here.
Scope – Besides “Resilient to what?”, how long are we talking here? 90 years? A 20 year old’s body should be resilient. Whose body are we talking here?

“The body…” what a weird generalization….and people who talk like that may be weirdos. “The body.” “The blood.” “The abstract concept I’m making generalizations about” . . .I used to know someone who talks like this when trying to be intellectual, and he probably still looks up to people who go to burning man.

Anyway, I think it’s better saying “my body is resilient to most concerning things now” because it leaves the door open for saying “…and I’d like to keep it that way.” I can say that a couple years of living how I did (6’4 proportions of calorific booze, saying ok to fried food to learning how to make it myself, going from getting all them good vitamins and mins and hydration and macros to saying, meh and enjoying that food is delicious and being glad to not be hungry and calling it a day.)

It’s significantly different. Not crazy different, at least not crazy different immediately since that’s how that works. But it’s significantly different, and I can feel that these decisions cause significantly different shifts. And I can’t really generalize fairly because there are so many layers to health, and another fun reality is, I can’t experiment with my health because while I don’t have a be freakish about it, it’s not a good experiment. Ignoring the stakes, personal health is also not a good experiment in weird, more trivial ways — easy example, I can’t replicate the same conditions as say when I was 16 and expect the same results simply because I’m not 16 exploding years old anymore. There probably aren’t magic bullets and healthy foods and tricks that’ll give me vitality better than good old fucking dishapwine, luck, and regularly good decisions. Taking care of older family members has made it abundantly clear that resilient bodies get side effects with age. Like, I think my old man was really resilient, but habits catch up, and das da fact.

I used to have a regular anx about cancer as a kid — like I’d get anxiety about sitting too close to the tv after hearing it’d give eye cancer, same around microwaves, second hand smoke, all of that. Lots of reasons that’s way more in the background today, but I’m almost getting that way about circulatory system issues. Stroke, heart attacks limpdick, getting winded after running 5 steps — these are pretty preventable horns on that bull of life so many Americans like to take on. Not feeling like moving is too. But there are really, really cool side effects of being healthy too — neurotransmitters make life better (no iron, no vitamin c = no serotonin production). And I’ve learned I’m much sharper throughout the day when I get movement in. Stuff like that.

Anyway time to go 530am workout now


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