Cyberpunk anticipation was also making me think people have an appetite for cyberpunk, which is making me rub Disjuncture, although I also wonder if people have an appetite for Keanu. It’s weird because, that game ain’t Keanu. These are all words.

Speaking of games I’ve spent a bit much on silly games that I play for like, an hour and move on. Recently picked up the Warhammer game and….oof, what a miss. 32 bucks to frustrate hours of time, and I kind of knew going in that this was the type of stale, tropey story, artificial doofy rank, soulless combat shitfest it was going to be right off the bat and….can those types of products quit coming out?

I guess not.

Every game I’ve played that’s great offers something to the player. Not just fun, the way you’re grow into the game is the real thrill of it. Anyone can make a game, because anyone can almost call anything a game. But the games with substance — stuff that’s teaching me reflexes, tactics, strategy, organization — I keep shooting for, and missing.


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