I, do want to soapbox although also not really. I sort of want to talk to the sky and make points of my thoughts to the point where at the end I can lower my head and go “of course.”

Coffee, is a very dangerous drug.

It looks like I’m about to go full-time. I don’t super care about that.

I know there are elements to the picture that I don’t yet see, but I do know that good work, earning a good reputation, and satisfying curiosities and giving a damn are key points that I feel like, shucks. Yey. I do super care about all of that.

But unless something tragic happens, I’m very, very much looking forward to new opportunity and challenges, and it has me feeling way, too, corny.

And it’s not all juicy good too.

There’s also a side that is like “what challenges will be brought when the pendulum swings the other way?” Waiting for the other shoe to drop can make you feel heavy. I didn’t always have that side feel as tangible, but people are also less risky as they get older — right?

Here are some tips that I’m all about:

Politeness and courtesy should be basic parts of professionalism. This doesn’t mean be a fucking battery of bunny rabbit positivity. But people like working with people who they like working with. And consciensciousness, pleasantness, and even a good joke cracked at the right time adds tons. I still don’t understand why I’ve met some professionals who are hellbent on being unpleasant — they’re not the majority, but they do exist. And I have to wonder if they have a survivor’s bias — where they think that being a cheeky asshole constantly about to pucker was a key to their success. Just because they’re around that must prove it’s best, right?


If you’re not curious, you’re not growing and you’re not driven to grow. The best projects for a person are going to make them curious about stuff.

Issues aren’t problems. Issues can be caused by problems, but problems are much, much worse.

A good way to decide if you need to say something is to go “Does this need to be said?” and also “Do I need to say it?” This is also great if you’re working with multiple chiefs, because by the time you think this through someone else might be chiefing it.

I’m a product of my era and have a softspot for people calling me “man” but, only if there’s a hard-established mutual respect in this relationship. People who start calling me buddy, or things besides my first name make me wonder if they’re presumptuous folks who presume that they’re slick enough to make me malleable for unprofessional reasons.

Don’t assume malice if incompetence is a possibility.

Patience and a few words is almost always better than reactiveness in a bunch of words.

Synergy is a weird buzz word. Optimize is just a good word.

Sometimes agilitating is the most optimal word.

Yep cool that’s enough.


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