Odd-o Nighto

You know, i think women will either look at me as a man, a dork, a bad boy, or an interesting guy depending on what they want.  Theyre all aspects of what I am, and aspects change when you change seats. Thats why theyre aspects.

Sorting my personal shit out.


Decided to stick it home and teleharrang a bunch of strange and wondiferous people

(My shoulders are looking good.  Not sure how that happened.)

So it’s very easy to make me fiery and passionate still. Still have lots to say about a lot, apparently, yet, at the same time wow, I can’t be this way at a grudge.

Y’know currently, naturally large part of me’s even a lil mad about how some tactics came about and were received. Like yar blubberbottoms, thar be shortcoming that’s not all me.

But on that note . . . that’s not fully life’s answer, either, and even asserting how things coulda gone better here right now, isn’t super important. Growth potential is. Shit that’s measurable.

So, y’know.

(And it’s a very hard y’know.)

Not forgetting that life becomes stop listening to bad music and trying to do the best with everything else that I can. Shitty music like this!

Anyway, right now from what I see, the words above really seem to be the bottom line. I mean, I can’t make it clear that something beautiful about relationships is that some are different in complimentary ways, but only when there’s a merging of operations more than a domination is all wonderful.  Nothing less. I like that cause it means that people didn’t just have western flaws in their relationship.

^I’m sure that’s bonkers to most people. Which’s why I get to consider and figure my own way.

So blaah blaaah blaaaah.  I’m obviously gonna have to shelve that whole fiasco’s negative.

You’re a moron if you don’t get it after 3000 words: It’s tragic it’s negative. I’m sickof it myself.  The horse has been beaten, to a near death state, and then fondled, and now is gonna get to pasture for a while.

And bronies suck ass, anyway.

Why do I wanna point out that being super rational can be good and bad? I shpoose a negative crux of my rationality is that, it’s combined with how I can also be kinda dominating of conversation. In that, people being passive might be out rationalized and go fuckit. I think I really really really should work on that – until I’ve truly and fully listened, first.

My cat is also very petable, and random phone dials I’ve still got some great people to help sort the rest of my life’s effort out. (Still think I should be the main one to do that tho. Hence blather blather like this.)

It’s easy to lose sight of that when you’re just being shrewd.

I also liked how the stigma of a porn star came into conversation naturally! Led to Belinda going “whoa this seems like an issue that’s very close to home or something to you”  which went into a conversation about disjuncture just now.   I’ll say it: I have more perspective of on female porn stars than most women. (Excluding female pr0nstars, of course.) It’s because I think they’re people too.

Come at me, try me!

**Uh, if anyone else wants to have a randomly fun deep soulfun conversation in the next couple of hours drop a line!**

Edit:  Randomly happened

iShayne: Lol np
iShayne: So
iShayne: I don’t what your reaction would be but I’ll just go ahead lol
iShayne: So I’m looking for someone who is willing to sell their GA account because I do not have an alternative account yet and I want one, and I would make a good offer if you’d be interested and payment would be done via paypal
Erryc: ah that’s flattering and all
iShayne: I mean I hardly see you on GAA
Erryc: the account’s too personal for me lol
iShayne: That’s why I’m asking
Erryc: I’ve got a master’s degree of time invested in it
iShayne: Lol yeah I understand
iShayne: Np

^It’s a video game account. So in this case we’re not even gonna talk money because I will insist on an unreasonable amount.

And I sure have a lot more in me than video games and pr0n stars.

So yes to moar telephone, people.


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