I’m a shitty photographer and don’t take a million selfies unless it’s for someone, so I’ll have to vulture my friend’s camera rolls later for more accurate images of the event. I loved carolina rebellion as a festival – better than bonaroo


^I enjoy knowing that two of these people are randos

Something clicked in my head at the korn show when they were playing Falling Away From Me (the best shows came at night which isn’t depicted below, the vids are better, but it looks easier to upload to instragram – hit list was korn, godsmack, slash, pretty reckless, cheville, breaking benjamins, marylin manson, that s.k. band.) and every song after just came and felt better and better and it just, shook a huge dose of something out, and I’m suddenly this wild up at 2am easily kinda guy. Was real content to smoke cigs and drink beer during most of the event and just, pumped.  Honestly, that’s new. Not many other shows make me think “NEWP, THIS IS A DELICIOUS BEER AND THIS CIG BETWEEN JAMS HAS ME CONTENT TO THE MAX. DOPAMINE AND SEROTONIN LEVELS ARE LEVEL. LESSDODISSRAWRAWRAWRRR. I NEED NOTHING MORE”    Total: SHOW ABSORPTION.  FUCK EGO, GET INTO IT.

(Yo, who you go with is VERY important towards how you enjoy the event.) Pretty sure real natural and raw can show on my face when I feel juiced.

Shed suits – felt bamfy in different outfits, from hipster to douchebag aviator to shirtless when it was goddamn comfy. Apparently I’m a sexy ass motherfucker.  (Not to mention going straight to a priority from the airport on the way back that proved this was the best decision of the entire trip.) Didn’t mind being one of the tallest guys at the show.  Could protect friends, see, and me in the middle = able to eyefuck any bandmember who’s not into it enough to be making eyecontact with audience members.

Had my first experiences with crowd surfing – you’ll have to constantly check behind you about as often as you do in global agenda, otherwise a person being passed up might actually land on your head (sidenote: gave myself permission to and fulfilled my life’s dream of getting to chuck someone and Eddie still won’t stop talking about that person’s air time and ^_^) and pitting. Now I want a drumset and might pick one up and have the best reason to clear out my creepy ass basement.

Fucking love, rock. Always have. Rockers are so happy to share their love for it and let you wild out with them, it was so perfect, and just what I needed. There’s EASILY more community there than video games (but guess what, some rockers are also gamers and cool as shit when you get to meet them at shows) – couldn’t go a place without Eddie getting recognized from a couple other events he just started going to (that guy is cool as fuck tho.) Also met thinkers who proved they were cool as fak.  You know, to survive as a thrill seeking rock-type you might be a dumbass, or you might have also learned how to analyze and channel your thrill urges.  Like it says something when you feel release going to a place where yelling at the top of your lungs along with crowd hysteria hype (filled with all ages) where you wanna simultaneously hug and chuck and defend yoar fellow good man . . . .that’s my theory behind why some of these guys, who could be real wild, could also be COOL AS FAK.


Still recouperating. Still glowing.  Still loving jokes about buttsecks. Still really loving Korn, especially this song

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0K67veEPOYM]

A couple people have commented that I’m radiant in skin tone AND emotionally since returning – and it’s true – I noticed I didn’t feel like walking into work with my bitchface on, and ain’t no one got time for negative bullshit. There’ve been times I feel almost manic to the point that I’m willing to fight just cause it seems like I’d feel powerful, am aware that’s weird and I don’t.  (Oh, except for that time Emily said kids were throwing rocks at her.  Totally went outside to beat up some kids and this scared her but sometimes kids need to have the rocktossings knocked out of them.)  Sensitized nerves in my brain since, really had to reconsider the caffeine intake and headswinging at work since getting back – it’s been really hard to not tap feet and get into grooves that haters will resent (WHAT’RE YOU, HAVING A GOOD TIME ON THE JOB?!)

Also this chick on my mind is fucking hot and I wanna have more energy than my high school self and apparently it can still happen. She’s, fucking, awesome. I also wanna listen to good music and get into situations where I have to acceptably fend off a million adversaries in high tension situations. Something about the phrase humphurtillIlevitate.

Anyway, who gives a fuck. Here’re some pics.

Sorry, no videos. Or nightpics. Or dickpics yet.

That’s ok tho. Check the site name, assholes.


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