Oh man it’s working


Woke up today: went down the medicine cabinet:


fish oil, msm, source of gold (it’s my favorite multivitamin on earth), flaxseed oil, mct.  .4 g of piracetam 2 hours later. 1 cup of coffee (and yes I felt that.)


*remembers to down a glass of water*


Sent queries I can stand by easily after last night’s research, after reading Disjuncture’s prelude chapter out loud like an audiobook and feeling that it totally passed.

There’s something about acting on behaviors motivated by self-respect and self-improvement which makes you mighty.

Thor mighty.

And I’m lucky enough to have the nerves I do, the feels I do, and I’ve got a double edge sword bearing the thoughts I do.  (After my machete incident last week, I REALLY appreciate that phrase.)

And today they feel on.  I feel ready for rejections, ready to take on the world, and this is the dumb man in me, but I feel like I could fight anyone I have to.  Like I COULD.  (I don’t wanna. I’m also too smart.)  But….


Yeah I’m quite a capable guy, and I feel: focused.


Self-respect, head-space, realizing that my body isn’t me, but a badass machine I’m attached to? Dishapwine?

Yeah, these are good things.

I still want an agent.


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